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Image by Sebastien Gabriel
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Moola Mantra

Available now wherever you stream music!

Miguel Angel Lopez is a visionary, heart-centered musician.

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Miguel Angel Lopez was born in Guatemala to a lineage of musicians.  His father played marimba professionally and ensured that Miguel was surrounded by music from a young age.  Miguel was inspired by his father, who introduced him to the power music holds over humanity. At age 18, Miguel began exploring the power of meditation and singing mantras.

In 2010, Miguel met Sri Bhagavan in a one on one darshan, an opportunity to meet and receive blessings from a holy figure. He asked what Miguel wanted to do with his life and what prayers he could offer on Miguel’s behalf.  Miguel’s most heartfelt prayer was to impact the world and share something big with humanity.  He received a blessing from Sri Bhagavan and was told to return to the pyramids of Guatemala to receive a gift.

A few years later while visiting the ancient Mayan citadel of Tikal in Guatemala, Miguel received a profound gift while sitting in a meditation state between dreaming and wakefulness.  An amazing golden light encompassed his body and he experienced a feeling of amazing love and peace.  After that message from the universe, he threw himself into his music so that he could share this gift with the world, along with the message that the gift is not outside of you but within you.

His intention with his music is to create sound structures that induce a meditative state that synchronizes brain wave frequencies with the heart. Combining ancient Sanskrit Mantras with a unique solfeggio frequency of 432 hertz, his compositions create synchronicity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and can increase intuition, insight, and creativity. 

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